Health Tips: Total Upper Body Workout!! CHEST +Biceps SHOULDERS +Triceps

Health Tips: Total Upper Body Workout!! CHEST +Biceps SHOULDERS +Triceps

Awesome Tip: Total Upper Body Workout!! CHEST +Biceps SHOULDERS +Triceps

Has your training (and your gains as a result) hit a plateau?
Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Even the most avid of squat-rack-regulars will occasionally hit a wall that can seem almost impossible to smash through.

However, help is at hand, thanks to this hard-hitting upper-body workout from Brian DeCosta, “We’ll be starting with the heavy work, and gradually work our way up the rep ranges as the workout progresses”. Don’t worry about timing, either. The supersets are you friends, too.

So, nail this workout twice a week for a new routine that promises to build muscle and improve your strength significantly.
An upper body workout is any workout that involves training most or all of the muscle groups of the upper body.

This includes: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.

While not required, upper body workouts are most often done as part of an upper/lower routine, which involves training the entire upper body on certain days and the entire lower body on others.
This would be scheduled throughout the week using an upper/lower split.

Athlete model – Brian DeCosta @briandecosta

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