Health Tips: Ultimate BACK & LEGS Workout | 16 Exercises for Muscle MASS

Health Tips: Ultimate BACK & LEGS Workout | 16 Exercises for Muscle MASS

Awesome Tip: Ultimate BACK & LEGS Workout | 16 Exercises for Muscle MASS

If you’re like most athletes, you’re probably looking to maximize your Squat and Bench. But I’ll bet you don’t train your leg and back muscles more than twice a week. Leg and back muscles are two of the most important muscle groups overlooked in training. Let’s take a closer look and provide a back and leg workout.

Legs (Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads)
I’m sure you’ve heard of the principle of “sport-specificity.” To get better at your sport, you need to play your sport. The same principle applies to weight training. If you want to get a stronger Bench Press, you need to do more presses!

Follow me for a second. Have you ever seen a gigantic redwood tree with a teensy, weensy trunk supporting it? I don’t think so. Redwood trees have thick, strong, and sturdy trunks. Same with the human body. Do you think your body will naturally support a large upper frame if your lower frame is small and fragile? No way. You’ll be setting yourself up for compensation injuries. A weak lower body weakens your upper body by not giving it the support it needs.

Back (Latissimus Dorsi/Traps)
We are a nation obsessed with the Bench Press. I agree, it’s a staple for sports performance, but the average person doesn’t take a holistic approach when it comes to training the chest. We think like cavemen: “Me want stronger chest, me Bench Press lots of weight.”

But what supports the chest and arms during the Bench Press? The back! If we strengthen the lats and add some size to our backside, it will transfer into anterior pressing strength and power. Additionally, if you are benching with proper form (elbows at 8 and 4 o’clock and squeezing your middle back on the way down), you’ll be engaging your back during your benching exercises.

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