Health Tips: What I Eat In a Day | Healthy & Easy Meal Prep Ideas

Health Tips: What I Eat In a Day | Healthy & Easy Meal Prep Ideas

Awesome Tip: What I Eat In a Day | Healthy & Easy Meal Prep Ideas

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Hope you guys enjoy this full day of eating & the quick/easy healthy recipes!
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My name is Maryana Dvorska! My channel is mostly vlogs that are based around fitness, nutrition, working out, and balancing my life while trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally! I post lots of full days of eating videos as well as workouts, both fitness and non fitness clothes try on hauls, and more! Hope you enjoy!
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23 Replies to “Health Tips: What I Eat In a Day | Healthy & Easy Meal Prep Ideas”

  1. hello Maryana Dvorska , it's a good healthy food for you on Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack you are really a good young girl I mean woman a beautiful female and trying to be strong and diet for keeping your munchy for a day , you are the one the person that had a good vegetarian and trying to keep it up for cooking on your own food diet, I hope one day someone is gonna like it to your videos it's a really pleasure to have a compasion and like your comments and what. you were doing is showing this ladies for everyone, thank you for very much for doing a videos for everyone of the woman's need to be a healthy and trying to get good eating well and diet, for example you have a pancakes with strawberry and using a cameo or mocha, for more, have a good one and take care yourself and see you on the next upload video what you have for another time take care bye.

  2. Hi Maryana please make a video on how to increase calories consumed without gaining weight as you eat so much and train hard but some of us have ruined our metabolism due to binge eating. How to correct inefficient metabolism

  3. Hi I just got told I have a gluten allergy and I have pre-diabities I’m feeling kinda lost and don’t know what diet to do

  4. try the Kite Hill almond milk greek yogurt in unsweetened vanilla! It's super good and tastes just like normal yogurt

  5. Hot tip for you girl ! For the lentils , please rinse them over a colander or strainer thoroughly to avoid any bloating/ stomach discomfort and to reduce the sodium in them 😉 I do this any time I used canned beans , you generally want to rinse until you see the water run clear and no bubble/frothiness ( you’ll know what I mean when you rinse them ) and recommendation for non dairy yogurt is the plain unsweetened almond yogurt from Whole Foods brand ! It’s cheaper and has a bit more protein and the consistency is not as runny with a pleasant taste ! I also recommend the kite hill plain vegan Greek yogurt but the trick to this one is to thin it out a bit with some almond or soy milk because it is too thick but the macros are great so that’s how I find it enjoyable !

  6. Right now I’ve been working out, weight training, watching what I eat but my stomach fat is relentless. Its gone down some but trying to keep myself from getting discouraged

  7. Always a fan of your "What I Eat In A Day" videos! They make me want to stay on track. What would you say your cooking to eating out ratio is?