Health Tips: What Supplements I Take & ACTUALLY Recommend | Leg Workout

Health Tips: What Supplements I Take & ACTUALLY Recommend | Leg Workout

Awesome Tip: What Supplements I Take & ACTUALLY Recommend | Leg Workout

Womens Best:

-Banded Hip Thrusts 4×16
-Superset with banded abductors 4×16
-Sitting Banded Abductors 4×16
-Weighted Step Ups 4×10
-Bulgarian Split Squats 4×10
-Dumbbell Hamstring Curls 4×12

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35 Replies to “Health Tips: What Supplements I Take & ACTUALLY Recommend | Leg Workout”

  1. I really want to start working out and am leaning on buying this gym guide but don't know If I should or not 🙁 do you have any advice for beginners?

  2. Okay I just placed my first order with women’s best and I cannot wait to try everything!! I got snacks cause I don’t use supplements too often!

  3. Your videos make me so happy and so does your personality. Thank you for posting. I had a really rough day and coming home to see this video seriously did make me feel a bit better. Your outfit was super super cute and suited your body shape so well! Also, loved the workout! Will definitely try this week!

  4. I was so confused about what you were wearing for bottoms when you had the resistance band around your legs. It looked like it was skin colored, so it looked like there was a gap between the fabric? That took way too long to figure out

  5. This video definitely motivated me to stop pushing back my workout because I will also reward myself with Grey's Anatomy and food after lmao that actually sounds like the perfect night.

  6. Hey! So you always mention eating in a calorie deficit if you want to loose weight and calorie surplus to gain muscle, but if you want to do both, lose weight like fat and gain muscle, is there a certain way I should do it? Like one first? Or can I combine both somehow? Love you!!