Health Tips: WORKOUT Motivation – EXPLOSIVE & STRENGTH (Scott Mathison)

Health Tips: WORKOUT Motivation – EXPLOSIVE & STRENGTH (Scott Mathison)

Awesome Tip: WORKOUT Motivation – EXPLOSIVE & STRENGTH (Scott Mathison)

WORKOUT Motivation – EXPLOSIVE & STRENGTH (Scott Mathison).
Scott Mathison (Weight: 185-195lbs/83.9 – 88.5kg. Height: 5’8″/172.5cm) Calisthenics Expert, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur.
Scott is an American fitness model, functional training specialist, and an entrepreneur. Scott was first introduced to weightlifting in high school, and once he’d started training, he never looked back. After moving to Venice Beach, California, Scott developed a passion for calisthenics and exercising on bars. He quickly learned how to perform skilled exercises, and became an expert on bar training.
Throughout the years of hard work and dedication, Scott has built an amazing body, and eventually, he became a functional training specialist who promotes bar training (Street Workout) and Calisthenics.
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