Health Tips: WORLD's STRONGEST 4 Years Old Kid

Health Tips: WORLD's STRONGEST 4 Years Old Kid

Awesome Tip: WORLD's STRONGEST 4 Years Old Kid

ARAT HOSSEINI (@arat.gym) was born in October 10 in Iran; to Seyed Mohammad Hosseini.This genius little child had been trained to do Gymnastic and Acrobat by his father when he was just 1 year old without any sponsorship. His indigenous talent had been discovered when he was 7 months old and now, though ,he is at the age of 3 he has the ability to do heavy acrobatics such as doing handstand ,jumping from Tall Heights and keeping balance in difficult situations.

Mohammad Hosseini accidentally found his 3-months-child has powerful hands and can hang easily from different points .Mr Hosseini became sure about Arat’s ability in doing Gymnastic and Acrobat when he watched his 7-months-child could do a back flip when he is swinging from a horizontal bar.Later 13-months-old child was able to do consecutive back flips .”I have decided to spend all my time training my son when I realized that he has an astounding talent in doing Gymnastic and Acrobat” Mr Hosseini said.

“I decided to create an Instagram page for Arat by the offer of the people around me after I became aware of Arat’s capability” Mr Hosseini said.”I was not familiar with this social network formerly. Arat’s Instagram page has been admitted not only by Iranian people but also by other countries people .Around 967.000 people from all over the world follow his page up to now.

Mr.Hosseini gave up his work in order to train 13-months-old child himself.”It became 1 year that I left my work and we spend our life by our saving and sadly it is going to be finished” Mr.Hosseini said.”His movement is peculiar to him and are more acrobatics movement than gymnastics, he climbs the wall and does some movements that are his specialist ” Mr.Hosseini added.Mohammad Hosseini told that Arat does not have coach and he also does not like to go to gym.



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