Karate Tips: Enpi – Commentary

Karate Tips: Enpi – Commentary

Awesome Tip: Enpi – Commentary

The kata Enpi is usually studied at the brown belt level and has a couple of variations depending on the particular Shotokan school. This video shows the SKIF version of the kata with a step-by-step explanation of the different moves.

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  1. Of the sentei kata, or selection kata if you prefer, Enpi is actually the hardest one to do correctly. It contains so many movements which are just unnatural. It's not a hard kata to learn, but it's incredibly nuanced. Very few advanced black belts really do this kata correctly.

  2. by far your videos are top level instructional videos and for free. I have passed my kata exams all thanx to you from 3rd kyo to 1st kyo, and my first DAN will be in march 2016 and watching your videos on youtube is a must . appreciate it , you are a natural instructor. All the best.

  3. the new video you have to write that for beginners. If you like this really do mean that you bought that black belt. This is not Hean Shodan, you can practice recreational !!!!!!!!!

  4. thank you sensei I am learning this kata right now and need a bit of clarity. the moves you use are exactly what I was taught in my classes

  5. I can agree with everything else but using a downward block from a kneel like that is much less practical than the grappling arm break the movement conceals. I do like the gedan uki use of short power though.

  6. a very nice kata! We just had a tournament in denmark in Brøndby karate klub where one of of our greenbelts won the kata part with Enpi and also won as the best Kata figther of the day!

  7. one more question Sensei, one at actual pace, there are lots of variations but I and i think a lot of other people would appreciate if you could show us enpi at the true speed, i cannot find it on your channel. thank you.

  8. Thank you Sensei, this kata is used in a lot of styles, possibly one of the nicest Kata around. Would you consider putting another demonstration of this kata up, possibly slower and more detailed breakdown for us.