12 Replies to “Karate Tips: Gankaku sho Commentary”

  1. Gankakuとは岩鶴と書きます。特徴は岩の上に鶴が一本足で立った様に見える事です。Gankaku syou って岩鶴立ちないっしょ。

  2. 創作形×。交差立ちの膝裏に膝をつけるのは反転の為の技法なので有り得ない技法が使用されている。ま、現存する形も意味と整合性が怪しいのも多いけどね。

  3. Asking shotokan sensei but can take other peoples answers: do you know any katas from different styles? And what is your favourite kata?

  4. This kata, moreso than the Gankaku I usually always see,really closely favors the Matsubayashi-Ryu kata Chinto.

    Now, Gankaku is similar, but this Gankaku Sho is even more similar.

  5. wish i could have looked at a screen to learn a kata.. i learned the old fashioned way,, but i do enjoy looking at the katas. that i once could do so easily..thank you.

  6. Shotokan Karate International in the best ! Cangratulations !
    I love Shotokan…I need Shotokan for my dojo in the MIN schol Tanjung Redeb,east Kalimantan,Indonesia

  7. Oss ! Thanks A LOT for this video, very useful, and helpfull to learn the kata Gangaku Sho. I had also the privilege to be at the Kancho Farewell course this week-end in the UK learning sirously this kata for the first time.

  8. Like this Paul. I've been trying to get this for a while now. Having kancho teach me this weekend gave me the incentive to polish this kata.. Your films are helping lots.. Very close to what i saw this weekend.. They are linked on my website too for my students.. OSS.