Karate Tips: Gankaku-sho

Karate Tips: Gankaku-sho

Awesome Tip: Gankaku-sho

This kata is practiced as extended syllabus content in the SKIF system of Master Hirokazu Kanazawa. The kata comes from an old version of Chinto that can be found in Shoshin Nagamine’s book – The Essence of Okinawan Karate-do.

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  1. Traditionally Funakoshi taught far more than the 26 JKA kata. Gankaku Sho appears in Shigeru Egami's "Karate Do for the Specialist" as well.

    Kanazawa likely learned it back in university but decided to reintroduce it when he made up his other kata and claimed it was steeped in history. 😉