Karate Tips: Ji’in – Commentary

Karate Tips: Ji’in – Commentary

Awesome Tip: Ji’in – Commentary

This video shows the Shotokan kata Ji’in (SKIF version) step-by-step with an explanation of each move and the key points. The kata Ji’in is an advanced black belt kata and, despite being overlooked fairly often by many practitioners, is a kata very worthy of study.

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12 Replies to “Karate Tips: Ji’in – Commentary”

  1. Excellent videos, and explanation of each move. Your video's have helped me a great deal Paul Sensei. Osu!!!

  2. Sensei can you explain why we use opposite technique from jka? I know it should be related with phlosophy or idea but when someone ask i need to know correct answer

  3. Again thank you much for your demos. Not only you've helped me a lot to work for my 1st dan then above, but you've contributed to love practising kata anytime in day. Thanks to you, it's easier to try out every shotokan kata, in order to concentrate at the preferred ones. In addition, such a english course gives an exotic sense for us in deep alpine countries.

  4. Great job. I am Roku Dan… and still learn from you. Ossu, sensei. domo origato gozaimashta. ザクどうもありがとう.

    (As feedback:    sound is not great and all the new videos are you-in white on white background. The old set of videos were White on red, which was great.)