Karate Tips: Tekki Sandan – Commentary

Karate Tips: Tekki Sandan – Commentary

Awesome Tip: Tekki Sandan – Commentary

Tekki Sandan is the last of the Tekki kata and has a lot going on in terms of the hand movements. This video explains each movement of the kata step-by-step.

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30 Replies to “Karate Tips: Tekki Sandan – Commentary”

  1. I'm in Shotokan Karate of America, I learned the first two Tekki Katas, started to learn Tekki Sandan, then I forgot Tekki Sandan. This video is a big help for me relearning Tekki Sandan.

  2. A great UK karate Sensei – understands and explains the true meaning of Karate Do through the katas. Great demonstration and explanation. Wish there were more karate teachers like you in Europe – a true Sensei in every sense of the word. Osu!

  3. Merci pour vos vidéos qui me sont toujours d'une grande aide, j'ai juste ensuite à modifier quelques techniques, il y a toujours des variantes d'un pays à l'autre, bonne continuation.

  4. Thank you for creating your channel. It's been very useful to me since I study Shotokan karate on my own at this time. Will you ever be uploading bunkai videos for this, or any other kata? I find Tekki Sandan to be such an interesting kata, but many of the techniques are a bit mysterious to me.

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