Karate Tips: Unsu – Commentary

Karate Tips: Unsu – Commentary

Awesome Tip: Unsu – Commentary

Unsu is without doubt a classic Shotokan kata. It is obviously big on the tournament scene, but also a fun kata for the majority of black belt students. It requires a certain degree of athleticism, but don’t neglect its interesting bunkai. This video explains the performance aspect of the kata and the individual moves.

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  1. this kata is for 4th dan so im 9kyu yellow belt srrsly wut but i have learened all in Heian series i can shodan,nidan,sandan,yondan,godan, WOW YOUR THE BEST SENSEI THANK YOU ALOT!!!!!♥♡♥♡♥ 🙂 ;):) 😉 :);)

  2. This is a very difficult kata to perform. Even though I was taught to do this kata a long time ago, I still find it quite difficult to perform. The jump especially is difficult. But I find it quite interesting. Definitely a favorite in WKF competitions.

  3. Very useful breakdown. Thanks very much for taking the time to produce it. Is there a separate video dealing specifically with mawashi uke? If not, it would complement this very nicely.

  4. I may be misunderstanding but in the last turn some do the reaction hand for the age uke like Ohta Sensei. not that any one way is right or wrong

  5. I train Wado-ryu, because there isn't any shotokan club close to where i live. So i've been training some shotokan katas from ur tutorials xD, love them.. keep up the good work 🙂

  6. oss sensei i love watching your video i wish you would do one on the kata jitte step by step i like that kata but i like to know more about it so if you could i would love to see you put it up oss.

  7. Thank you so much fir this video! Being a Shorinji Kempo martial artist, i am not offered this amazing and beautiful kata. I plan on learning and taking this to my next tournament.. once again, thank you very much!

  8. Excellent tutorial. Some of the videos on youtube are from likes of Michael Milon who do the form so fast (and great) it is hard to see the details.

  9. Interesting discussion. Have you ever tried to investigate the origins of Unsu beyond Shotokan. There is a remarkable difference. The Kyudokan Shorin ryu has an original version taught by Choshin Chibana (a student of Itosu) who handed to Yuchoku Higa, the founder of the Kyudokan. They are the only Shorin Ryu dojo that still performs it, I believe. Just place this in the search area above: qmP0WVuEnGk enjoy.

  10. Thank you very much for this video commentary for Unsu, it has been very helpful with my learning it, it is one of my favourite Kata and I have always wanted to learn it, now I can look to my Sensei with pride as he sees me perform the Unsu kata. Thank you very much again, I have subscribed and liked this video, I believe your videos to be greater than that of ShotokanKataMan as he only demonstrates the Kata normal and slow without commentary, thanks again and sorry for the ramble – Dante

  11. @MrNotAFag – Well for most people it is. I've seen many people do the jump and made it look all so easy and then the rest of their kata is well below standard. Personally I think too much is made of the jump, especially considering that the Nakayama original version looked nothing like today's version. Today it's all about competition, height, speed and conning the judges with flashy moves.

  12. @skifhania Thanks for your two observations. I double-checked them in Kanazawa-kancho's kata book and you're absolutely right. My mistake! All the best to you with your training. Oss!

  13. my friend seishin73 just a little obrervation.. in the begining of the kata you have the left hand above but in the end you have the right… the correct way (according to SKIF) is right hand both times and in the last turn nobody brings his hand back before the age uke (the only time within kata with one turn in Jitte).. oss and keep up the good work..