Marketing Funnels: Clickfunnels Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record 😂

Marketing Funnels: Clickfunnels Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record 😂

Funnel Marketing Tip: Clickfunnels Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record 😂

Breaking a Guinness Book world record, playing bubble soccer with the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears, a speech from Gary Vee, and all inside of Boise’s State University’s Smurf turf stadium? Sounds like the launch of Click Funnels Viral Video! Subscribe:

Check out the viral video we launched here:

Welcome to the largest launch we have ever attempted at clickfunnels. We rented out the largest venue in Boise, BSU’s Albertson’s Stadium, to break a Guinness Book World record for the largest amount of people playing bubble soccer for the longest amount of time. We were joined by the likes of the Harmon Brothers, who created our viral video, and our Ultra Spiritual Life guru, JP Sears.

We also flew in Gary Vaynerchuk to speak to our team at Click Funnels as well as the other 350 people we invited to the launch to do a special question and answer session about his entrepreneurship and marketing success.

Want to see more of our epic viral video launch with the Harmon Brothers and Gary Vee? This is the behind the scenes episode from our show on Funnel Hacker TV:

Check out our Q&A with Gary Vee Part 1:

Our viral video launch Q&A with Gary Vaynerchuk Part 2

Special thanks to Gary Vee for speaking at our launch. Check out his channel:

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14 Replies to “Marketing Funnels: Clickfunnels Viral Video Launch Party Breaks World Record 😂”

  1. The one big question I want to ask Russell is: WHY is there still no simple one click upsell with Paypal possible/integrated???

    We have to use 3rd party apps like funnelish to make this happen and pay just for this feature again, if you look at zipify for example (yes I know it is only for shopify) they have made it happen also without referring transactions enabled!

    Hope To get an answer on that would be great to have this common feature finally included, also in the 2 step order form…

  2. This is amazing! So many entrepreneurs! Record breaking title! Your changing lives Russel and you make me super motivated putting this out! I Hope I can be there one day!