Marketing Funnels: Sales Funnel Examples – Watch us Create 2 NEW “Survey Funnels”

Marketing Funnels: Sales Funnel Examples – Watch us Create 2 NEW “Survey Funnels”

Funnel Marketing Tip: Sales Funnel Examples – Watch us Create 2 NEW “Survey Funnels”

In this episode of Funnel Fridays Russell and Jim show how to build you very own survey funnels. This is great for promoting any type of niche or product and getting to know what people really want so you can put relevant content and offers in front of them. Want this funnel? Visit:

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10 Replies to “Marketing Funnels: Sales Funnel Examples – Watch us Create 2 NEW “Survey Funnels””

  1. Spending Friday night with Russell Brunson and Jim Edward is so much fun better than making other people drunk at the bar in night club or like VFW,American Legion,,yeah even though they tips I felt very guilty, because they could become who?

  2. Awesome episode Russel and Jim can't forget jimbo I always look forward to new episodes this is a excellent source for taking action I love it can't wait till I get my first commission for clickfunnels Hey Russell I need to ask you a Important question please get back to me sir [email protected] I know u are extremely busy but I know that you truly care about people and your faith and knowledge are my guiding paths that I turn to when I need help ! Thanks for your great content that always delivers

  3. how long did russell suggestion to run that quiz funnel on facebook? I know he mentioned it in one of his book, but I forgot how long???

  4. Umm did anyone actually watch the video and realise that the survey feature in its current state is a complete waste of time..

    4,000 views and not a single person picked up on this?? Groupies much? Keep reading…

    haha both Russel and Jim shrug it off at the end (spoiler alert THEY NEVER GET THE FRICKEN SURVEY TOOL TO WORK AS A QUIZ LMFAO) because this survey tool is not built to be a quiz. Yes there are a few work arounds to make it look like a quiz but let's explore this concept a little further since they both disregard it at the end… Jim's comment was "what I really like this Survey Feature is it looks great!" – that's all fine and dandy Jim but what about the fact your whole video is around creating a QUIZ!!

    If YOU decide you want to use the Survey tool as a quiz (two completely different things I might add) then you are suggesting to your website visitor – a real person who you should be grateful is on your website in the first place, that you will give them something of value in return for them spending 5 minutes of their time filling out your stupid survey, i mean quiz…

    The term 'value' would suggest they are going to get some insight into the problem they are trying to solve – whatever the headline you have created to bait them into your quiz/survey/lie.

    So here are your options based on what Russel calls a "Quiz Funnel"….

    – Create 3 or 4 seperate landing pages to display the answer for each outcome – I might add that this is crap because you are sending them to a landing page based on just ONE answer – meaning the other 5 questions in your "Quiz Funnel" had no relevance to anything!!!
    – Give out a generic ebook at the end
    – Or put them on a list to send them your crap and probably never provide an answer to the quiz.

    All three are completely disingenuous because none of these options provide ANY value to your potential customer.

    Ultimately they will fill out your stupid quiz, realise it's crap, decide your crap and leave your site, never to return. Provide value folks and only use this tool for what it's meant to be used for… SURVEYS!!!

    As a solution… Inform your reader they are taking a survey in return for something… Don't try and trick them, the page visitor numbers are much smarter than you think.