Marketing Funnels: Secret #16: Confusing With Activity With Achievement

Marketing Funnels: Secret #16: Confusing With Activity With Achievement

Funnel Marketing Tip: Secret #16: Confusing With Activity With Achievement

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The secret to get people through the failure gap.

On today’s episode Russell talks about disagreeing with a designer on what a customer needs from Clickfunnels and how they were basically saying the complete opposite of each other. Here are some of the interesting things you’ll hear in the this episode:

-Why listening to what customers want is a good idea, but how it can only take you so far.

-Why giving you’re customer little wins on their way to their goal, will help them stick around.

-And some of the wins are that Russell is giving his customers to help keep them as members of Clickfunnels.

So listen here to find out how to confuse activity with achievement to keep customers from leaving.

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20 Replies to “Marketing Funnels: Secret #16: Confusing With Activity With Achievement”

  1. I have been thinking about this so much lately with the ClickFunnels game! Brilliant, information can just suck people down into knowledge without action. And it’s tough to break free!

  2. [Neuroscience behind this concept] – Each small win delivers a dopamine hit to the human brain. Dopamine triggers feelings of reward and pleasure. Which gives momentum. Momentum to completing a sales funnel [the big target].

    This goes waaay back when we were hunter/gatherers… seeing a deer in the distance [your target]. Finding a deer's footprint [achievement]. Crossing the shallow stream closer to the deer [achievement]. All the way to the deer [big target].

    Our brains have been biologically wired for feeling good after small wins towards the big target 😀

  3. Sanity check folks. He has a point, but it may or may not work for different types of customers in different industries and situations. Don't be dogmatic and take his word as gospel, test out both approaches and find out what works best for you. Make sure you focus on the right metrics along the way too. So that's just my 2c which comes from a very long background in online marketing.

  4. I totally agree with your version of achievement Russell … Here is another example of it: When we were children and being educated and going through the learning process of reading and writing etc. We were offered small rewards for achieving the goals that were set by our teachers, and as parents we still do exactly that don't we? And the results are obvious, they help to positively move forward through our growth development in life period!

  5. Got a problem in life. "You're just one funnel away" Russell Brunson. Your wife is fed up with you. "You're just one funnel away" Russell Brunson. Your doctor just told you " you only have a month". "You're just one funnel away" Russell Brunson.
    I love this quote and all of his videos. Am suppose to be doing my assignments from my Spanish class (their like 100) and all due in 2 weeks. Super distracting but I love your distractions.

  6. Just like life you need smaller goals to get to your big end goal or you feel like your getting no where and get discouraged. I am all for gamification and have seen companies explode based on achievement goals. Look forward to getting some sweet swag, badges and accomplishments!

  7. I just love the intro on these videos. Home office kitchen looks amazing. Russell this is great insight on how to keep your Customers! Appreciate you sharing these golden nuggets!