Marketing Funnels: Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get

Marketing Funnels: Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get

Funnel Marketing Tip: Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get

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A quick play-by-play of the last 24 hours of my crazy life.

On this episode Russell talks about the last 24 hours of his life and the events that made it feel crazy. Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in this episode:

-Find out why Russell is being sued by a Clickfunnels customer.

-Hear about some other legal problems that Russell has been dealing with for quite some time.

-And find out why Russell and his family had to take trip to the ER.

So listen here to see why Russell’s last 24 hours have been such a stressful roller-coaster ride.

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13 Replies to “Marketing Funnels: Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get”

  1. Keep going! Your making a major impact! Sad to see that people do this and live this way! Use this as power! Thank you For continually being a giver! God bless you brother!

  2. Now that you have a empire, it’s time to build your defence system against these up to no good vultures, who’s whole way life is to destroy other people shit. You have a avengers affiliate team, now you need a avengers defence team, to tear apart these vultures, you shouldn’t deal with these people directly, let your team do it, these people are contagious, you should focus on what you do which is creating stuff.

  3. Thanks for sharing that Russell, It shows me how amazing of a person you are. I have been self employed from the time my younger brother & I started cutting grass as teens. I have had handy man services, I started a remodeling company and sold it! I flipped housed and I loved it, Until I was sued. I was doing very well at the time but that was just so hart breaking to me I stopped doing something I loved, I was 35 years old, I am 47 now and I have not actively flip houses since. My success in selling a company, flipping houses gave me the means to invest in a embroidery company in 2001 with my Mom who lost a job in that business because down sizing USA, moving over sea. My Wife & I still run this business today, we ship all over the US. Not thru web sales, but just good old word of mouth, email & Phone calls. I have not had a whole lot of success online, not that I haven't tried. Anyway I have been watching videos on clickfunnels for a few days now and came across this. This is real, It shows how real you are, And the first thing that will ever make the sale is not the product, its not the offer, its the trust & integrity of the person making the offer or sale. Thanks for sharing & and keep up the good works. I will be clickfunnels customer. David Farmer

  4. Russell, I am so sorry your Son had to go thru that and the evil person trying to scam you. But I am so proud of you that threw it all you prayed for guildiest for Our Lord. He will take care of you and your family and your business.
    YOu Rock.

  5. Wow! I personally understand the legal issue. My biz partner trusted this lady with things that he didn't trust me with and she ended up using him and sued us when we were first starting out. It was a huge blow at the time. So much money and time. Experienced some extreme family tragedies as well and that by far has had the biggest impact. Could care less about the money from lawsuit at this point, yet when it comes to family, it hits home and I can hear it in your voice. I'm wishing your family the best and hope his leg heals. What a nasty cut. Maybe some intermittent fasting, solitude when possible and prayer can help during this time. Wishing your family the best…

  6. Russell, Russell, Russell! I luv you so much! I respect who you are as a person, father, husband, a christian and a superb business man!. I luv seeing you expose your underbelly like that! I'm all about saying yes to vulnerability, no to shame and keeping it real 100% (Yes, I'm a follower of Dr. Brene Brown and The Bachelor/Bachelorette) and you do all of that – It's incredibly admirable! Thank you for being you! I thank God for you! You are super duper special! 🙂

    I want to touch on some stuff you shared: Yes, the world is full of evil people – the bible speaks of this – and yes the adversary will come after you like a roaring lion! Pray for protection and have people including pastors pray over you – I have a prayer line that I call when I need it. I literally can feel it when that covering drops – they will write your name down and pray for you for seven days! The ministry is called 100 Huntley Street and it's located here in Ontario, Canada where I am. Try it sometime if you need to be lifted up.

    Secondly, God is merciful and yes, it's extremely important to extend mercy to others which is often a very difficult thing to do when you are in the right. God is ultimately the judge! I thank God you acknowledge God 1st in your life! Kudos on extending that guy mercy – that's not easy!!

    Thirdly, the gut has been equated to the brain – in fact, sometimes it's more of a brain then the brain in our head. It's like your first brain and the one in your head is your second brain, so keep listening to your gut Russell! The gut is where the promptings of the spirit happen that still small voice is the voice of God – you need to get quiet to hear it. You are in God's grace and he is speaking to you he's all over you – it's so obvious in your disposition, demeanor and sweetness. I felt like I had more points but I may have forgotten. I may need to take notes even when you're sharing what's on your heart! 🙂 Yes, I am a raving fan!

    You are so blessed to have a beautiful wife and family and money success as well. I love you and I love ClickFunnels, but I can't seem to figure it all out but I will get there. It sure is taking a lot longer than I ever imagined but I know that I want to be in your two comma club and I'm going to have a hell of a testimony when I get there!

    I hope this isn't too weird for you! I know you don't know me but I feel like I know you because you put yourself out there over and over again. Sadly, my life has been almost the complete opposite of yours – full of heartache, no family to speak of and my children are in heaven. I do vlog for healing so i do have a youtube channel that I just started. It's my full name if you were interested.

    I am sorry about your son's injury (sad for sure) and please remember to fight the fights down on your knees! The battle belongs to the Lord! Jesus luvs you! Stay encouraged! I want to keep seeing that bubbly, outgoing, beautiful smile and soul that you are – it's such a gift for me and obviously thousands of others. Keep well my friend! I hope this was helpful to you in some way! Anita

    ps. you look tired! Please get some rest, practice self love and please don't burn yourself out. I often wonder if you ever take a holiday or timeouts??? ClickFunnels would not be the same without you – we all need for you to last!

  7. The way you showed mercy to that guy was really amazing. I was really moved by this. Thank you for being who you are. We appreciate you! – God Bless P.S. Praying for a quick and full recovery for your son.

  8. Russel, the promptings of the spirit are always right, you handled the situation with the last guy just like you should have. As far as the Trolls of this world once you make money they come looking for you. And lastly the way you handled your sons injury was the way most of dads would, one the people you love most was injured and you did the best you could. Sounds like one very bad day you deserve better.

    Hang in There

  9. Good stuff brother.. This is because a breakthrough is about to happen.. Don't get discouraged. Some prayers happen overnight and some take time to accumulate. No prayer goes unanswered and a lot of people give up too early. Just because you pray and things don't suddenly happen, it doesn't mean that God's not listening. It just means that the miracle is going to be bigger than what you've been praying for. Keep on praying because it's only building pressure in the spiritual world. When you pray continually for something you get to the point of building momentum that accumulates in the spirit to produce a breakthrough. You put so much pressure in the spirit realm for your children, for your finances, you pray and pray and pray that you build enough momentum and suddenly the more prayers you pray the bigger the bubble continues to grow until it eventually bursts.. Your breakthrough is about to happen. Stay in faith.. Romans 12:12, 1Thess 5:17